Trasceivers and trasponders

They are both effective similar devices that convert a full-duplex electrical signal into a full-duplex optical signal. The difference between the two is that transceivers interface electrically with the host system using a serial interface, whereas transponders use a parallel interface to do so.
Our products are fully compliant with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, SONET/SDH/OTN, CPRI and PON standards and operate from 1Gb to 100+Gb data rate.
They are capable of distances ranging from very short reach such within a data center to campus, access, metro, or over long haul routes such as subway networks. They can operate over extended voltage and temperature ranges, while minimizing jitter, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and power dissipation.

Form Factor:


  •  Ethernet
  •  Fibre Channel
  •  InfiniBand
  •  PCIe
  •  OTN OTU3 or OTU4
  •  FTTx (PON/BiDi)
  •  CPRI



1. DATACOM applications using Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 1x/2x/4x Fibre Channel
2. TELECOM applications using 0C-3/SIM-I, 0C-12/STM-4, 0C-48/STM-16, EPON/GPON and Wireless/CPRI across all reaches


  • 3 V operating voltage
  • Short links operating distance up to 100+ km
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Wireless CPRI compliant


1. DATACOM applications using 10G and 25G Ethernet and 2x/4x/8x/16x/32x Fibre Channel (LW and SW)
2. TELECOM applications using either 0C-192/STM-64, 10G Ethernet, or Wireless/CPRI


  • 3 V operating voltage
  • Supports bit rates up to 28.05 Gb/s (LW, SW, and DWDM) and 11.3 Gb/s (Tunable)
  • Short links operating distance up to 80 km metro (LW, SW, and DWDM) and 80km (Tunable)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Wireless CPRI compliant (LW and SW)



DATACOM applications using 10G Ethernet and 10x Fibre Channel
TELECOM applications using OC-192/STM-64


  • Supports bit rates up to 11.3 Gb/s
  • Distances up to 200 km (LW, SW, and DWDM) and 80 km (Tunable)
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Wide operating temperature range versions available


Endurance compact transceivers


  • Compact form-factor for high-density solutions
  • Data rate flexibility including 1G and 10G Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and lx/2x/4x/8x Fibre Channel
  • Suitable to be mounted on electronic boards
  • Designed for rugged applications


Active optical cables


  • SFPwire: 10 Gb/s SFP+ Active Optical Cable for 10G Ethernet
  • QUADwire: 40 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s Parallel Active Optical Cable for 40GbE, InfiniBand 4xQDR, Infiniband 4xFDR, and Infiniband 4xEDR
  • C.wire: 150 Gb/s Parallel Active Optical Cable for 100GbE and InfiniBand 12xQDR



High performance and low power consumption XFP-RF cad pluggable transmitters. These products are designed for Cable Television Hybrid Fiber Coaxial access networks, RF-over-Fiber, access networks, Wireless back-haul and front-haul applications, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to extend wireless infrastructure.
The XFP-RF transmitters are compliant with interface specifications developed by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and can be fully loaded with RF carriers from either 50 MHz to 1218 MHz or 50 MHz to 3000 MHz to provide operators and carriers flexible solutions during implementation of the RF-over-Fiber network

Board-Mount Optical Assembly (BOA):

These compact, parallel optic, high-bandwidth modules provide the lowest power and highest density optical interface for systems interconnection in the industry.

Active Optical Cables

AOC solution for data transmission while reducing weight, density and power consumption compared to traditional copper solutions.

Key Advantages:
Lowest weight for high port count architectures
Small bend radius for easy installment
Low power consumption enabling a greener data center

Low cost solution for data centers and high performance computers

  •  10G Ethernet Data Center Intra-Rack and Inter-Rack links
  •  40G Ethernet QSFP (40GbE)
  •  Quadwire 100G Active Optical Cable
  •  C.wire (CXP) 12x10G (120G), 12×12.5G (150G), and 12x14G (168G)


TELECOM/ DATACOM 100/200/400 Gb/s High Bit Rate Applications

TELECOM 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s E 400 Gb/s applications

Principal features:

  • Pluggable Digital Coherent ZR/ZR+DCO
  • QSFP56 DD 400 Gb/s
  • Four-channel full-duplex transceiver module
  • Hot-pluggable MSA-compliant CFP, CFP2 and CFP4 form factors / MSA-compliant QSFP+ and QSFP28 form factors
  • Supports 39.8 Gb/s to 112 Gb/s aggregate bit rates
  • Maximum link length of 100/300 m on 0M3 MMF, 150/400 m on 0M4 MMF, 10 km on SMF, and 500 km in amplified DWDM applications
  • 3 V operating voltage

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