Fiber clean products

All the products needed for cleaning optical connectors end faces, receptacles and adapters. Including pre-moistened wipes, alcohol dispensing bottles, and various tools.

Low Lint cleaning wipes can be used dry or with cleaning solvents like Isopropyl Alchol, they are used to clean connector end faces and to prepare fibers for termination.

Reel-types cleaner specifically used to clean connector end faces. They are usually aplastic outer housing that holds and advances a reel of cleaning material. Replacement reels are also available.

One-click or bulkhead cleaners are designed for in-bulkhead cleaning of connector end faces and adapters. They usually have an elongated tip with a thin cleaning tape that advances across the end face of the connectors. Available for any connectors including the MPO/MTP ones.

Powerful blast of dry air without residues used for cleaning from dust the connectors, adapters and to remove particles from inaccesible area.

Cleaning stick use wrapped cotton or foam to fit into and clean connector end faces and adapters