A superluminescent diode (SLED or SLD) is an edge-emitting semiconductor light source based on superluminescence. It combines the high power and brightness of laser diodes with the low coherence of conventional light-emitting diodes. Its emission band is 5–100 nm wide.

Wavelength range 6XX-16XXnm

  •  broadband emission, typical 3 dB bandwidths ranging from 25 to 45 nm
  • Double-angled-stripe MOCVD structure
  • AR coating, 0.5% reflectance
  •  14-pin DIL package or butterfly package with built-in monitor photodiode, thermistor and thermoelectric cooler. The 9MM TO package also available.
  •  SM or PM fiber pigtail
  •  Optional FC/APC connector
  •  CW or pulsed operation, switching time 10ns

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