About us

We are the number one in Italy for those looking for optical devices and instruments for telecommunications

Founded in 1986 with the aim of participating in the development of telecommunications on fiber optics, today Télefo S.p.A is the leading company in Italy for the supply of optical devices and instruments for telecommunications and industrial applications of this technology, as well as a reference point for R&D and Research Laboratories.

Thanks to the solid know-how we are able to support our customers in finding the best solution by providing technical assistance in a timely and accurate manner in all phases of product development.

The company’s services and products are aimed not only at manufacturers of telecommunications systems and optical instruments, but also at R&D departments and laboratories, institutional training centers and universities.

The solutions studied by Télefo S.p.A. find applications also in the medical, military, aeronautical and aerospace fields.

Télefo S.p.A. has an internal laboratory for the design and realization of instruments, components and customized solutions according to the customer’s needs.

To whom we turn

1. Avionic, aerospace and military companies

2. Internet service providers and system integrators

3. Companies that install fiber optics, connectivity and fiber optic networks

4. Manufacturers of laser machines for metrology, sensor and industrial applications

5. Aesthetic-medical and scientific companies

6. Companies dealing with fiber optic sensors

7. Manufacturers of AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) with Lidar technology

Not the right product for you? We will find it!

If you haven't found the right product for you, we provide customized solutions and assist customers in the implementation of their projects. Breaking all boundaries in the world of telecommunications is what sets Télefo apart, in order to make your everyday life even easier.
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