Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and Fiber Optic Sensors

A FBG is a type of distributed Bragg reflector constructed in a short segment of optical fiber that reflects particular wavelengths of light and transmits all others.

Can be utilized in a wide range of applications:

– Fiber Bragg grating sensors, such as strain sensor or temperature sensor

– With an optical circulator, to work in DWDM systems

– Wavelength locker

– Band filter, ASE filtering, Noise Suppression


Customized FBG products : reflectivity, center wavelength, FWHM, fiber type (single mode, multimode, PM etc.), recoating, packaging type with termination.

    FBG Sensor

    FBG Long Period Grating

    FBG Chirped

    FBG Tilted