Couplers / Splitters

The optical fiber couplers allow bi-directional coupling and can be used to either split or combine signals.

Single wavelength couplers provide optimal performance at center wavelengths.

Wavelength flattened fiber optic couplers extend the optimal wavelength range to a band around specified center wavelengths.

Broadband couplers are operational over both the 1310 and 1550 nm windows.


Fused Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Products

Ultra-High Reliability Fused Fiber Products For Submarine Applications

Fused Single Mode Fiber Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Fused Pump Combiners

1×2 (2×2) Single Mode Fiber Splitter and Star/Tree Splitter Modules

1xM(NxM) Monolithically-Fused Single Mode Fiber Splitter

1xN(NxN) Monolithically-Fused Multi-Mode Fiber Splitter

Multimode Pump Combiners

High Temperature Fused Fiber Products

High Power Components

Plastic Fiber Couplers

 Single-Mode Single/ Dual / Tri -Window Coupler

Fused WDM Coupler